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National Assembly NA-114 Sialkot Candidates, Results, Maps

NA-114 Sialkot consist of Area of Pasrur, Chawinda, Ban Bajwa, Kul Bajwa and nearby areas. In election 2013, almost all parties PTI, PPP, PML-N, JUI and MQM are trying to win NA-114 seat and all other seats of NationalAssembly of Sialkot. National assembly has 5 seats from Sialkot.
Candidates of NA 114 Sialkot Contesting Elections 2013
Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies
PP-126 Sialkot-VI
PP-127 Sialkot-VII
Maps of NA-114 Sialkot , PP-126, PP-127
NA-114 Sialkot
NA-114 Sialkot-V Result Elections 2008
Zahid Hamid                                  PML-N       62362
Ch: Abdul Sattar                             PML-Q      56343
Ghulam Abbas                                 PPP          55797
PP-126 Sialkot-VI Result Elections 2008
Tanveer-ul-Islam                       PPP                  30092
Syed Akhtar Hussain Rizvi              PML-Q         19930
CH: Waqas Qasim Khan                   PML-N      19029
PP-127 Sialkot-VII Result Elections 2008
Munawar Ahmed Gill                     PML-N        34318
Armghan Subhani                        PML-Q         26412
Naseem Akhtar Rana                     PPP          15242
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National Assembly NA-114 Sialkot Candidates, Results, Maps
National Assembly NA-114 Sialkot Candidates, Results, Maps
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