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NA-85 Faisalabad Candidates National Assembly Results, Maps

Details about National Assembly NA-85 Faisalabad Candidates list of all Parties (PML-N, PPP, PTI, APML, MQM, PML-Q, JUI and all other political parties). We will keep you informed about election 2013 and candidates nominations as well.
About National Assembly:
Legislative body of Pakistan is National Assembly of Pakistan. It practices the will of the people of Pakistan to let them be governed under the democratic, multi-party Federal Parliamentary System. The National Assembly is the law maker institution for the Federation according to the powers enumerated for the Federal Legislative list. Through the debating, and according to the constitution, The National Assembly of Pakistan is responsible for the working of Governments and have the check over that the Governments are working in the parameters. Only the National Assembly has the right to stimulate and having accountability and fair use of Pakistan’s Economic Resources and earnings of all the institutions.
Candidates of NA 85 Faisalabad Contesting Elections 2013:
(Parties has not yet finalized the candidates for National Assembly NA-85 Faisalabad City)
Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies
PP-71 Faisalabad-XXI
PP-72 Faisalabad-XXII
Maps of NA-85 Faisalabad, PP-71, PP-72
NA-85 Faisalabad
NA-85 Faisalabad-XI Result Elections 2008
Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari           PML-N                      72197
Shakeel Ahmed.                               PPP                         46461
Haji Bilal Noor Ansari.                      PML-Q                       11139
PP-71 Faisalabad-XXI Result Elections 2008
Malik Muhammad Nawaz             PML-N                    34508
Haleem Aslam                           PPP                        23491
Muhammad Faisal Anwar Kastro    PML-Q                  9790
PP-72 Faisalabad-XXII Result Elections 2008
Khawaja Muhammad Islam                 PML-N                    33416
Sujjah Ullah Khan                      PPP                             17718
Khawaja Ijaz Ahmad Munna               Independent              3758
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NA-85 Faisalabad Candidates National Assembly Results, Maps
NA-85 Faisalabad Candidates National Assembly Results, Maps
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