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There are however other actions that you can take to improve your work life.

You may be surprised to know that a large percentage of people work just to earn money and take no pleasure in what they do. The Bible is a compendium of both Jewish Scripture, which is the collection of 39 individual books called the Old Testament (O.T.), and Christian Scripture, which is the collection of 27 individual books called the New Testament (N.T.). In addition, Roman Catholics added another seven Jewish historical books called apocryphal books to the Jewish Scriptures while Greek Orthodox added twelve of them. As far as the Christian Scripture is concerned Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox Christians all agree on 27 books.

For Christians, who believe in progressive revelations, the Jewish Scripture (Tanakh/O.T.) is the first and unfinished words of God, but the Christian Scripture (N.T.) is the final and finished words of God. Therefore, it is the Christian Scripture that completes, confirms and clarifies the Jewish Scripture. Owing to this distinction, the ritual laws and time-specific commands of the Jewish Scripture are not binding on Christians now, but only what the Christian Scriptures prescribe.

For the Christian believers the Bible is God's inerrant word, albeit in its original form, not because it was written down or dictated by God. Skeptics approach the Bible stripping it off its divine dimension completely. As far as the Christian believer is concerned God does exist and He is the one who gave the Bible as His revealed word. The original message or word of God in all likelihood still exists in the form of some of the manuscript copies extant today.

(By Karl Heinrich Marx) Struggle of the classes in a society is held as the most important aspects to focus on according to Marx. God wants from every single one of us everything. A leader must constantly ask God, "Lord, where is my sacred 'high place' [of idolatry] that I protect from you?" The heart of the human problem, as Canon J. John once said, is the problem of the human heart. For too long we have undermined the awesomeness of God. A miserable life.

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There are however other actions that you can take to improve your work life.
There are however other actions that you can take to improve your work life.
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