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The Fashion No's Of 2014

As men, the demands we face to look good at work, home and on the weekends can be a pain at the best of times; especially if you aren't the fashion savvy man constantly reading GQ. The intricacy of mens fashion means that sometimes, as men we can get things wrong and often we can even get it very wrong.
If you are one of those men unsure of what to do and perhaps even unaware as to where you may be going wrong; those nods of disbelief when your other half clocks your outfit may just leave you clueless. With the first month of the New Year nearly complete, now would be a fantastic time to evaluate a few things you may be doing and change your attitude.
Start as you mean to go on and keep your style in check for the year to come with a few of my personal, helpful tips...
  • Shirts- I have lost count of the number of times I have seen men purchase shirts by the collar size but just because it fits there doesn't always mean it fits elsewhere. So many men just make do with a shirt that is ill-fitting around the chest and on the arms purely because they are going by the collar size. Making do is a definite style no; browse around for brands that have different ranges in different fits, my personal favourites are the shirts in the Paul Smith collection.
  • Scarves- Inappropriate accessorizing is one of the biggest fashion don'ts for men. When it comes to scarves, I have seen far too many thrown over the shoulders but a well-worn scarf should either be casually knotted or snugly fitted in order to perfectly compliment any look.
  • Suit Jackets- The perfect suit can look incredible but do you know what the biggest crime is? Buttoning up your suit jacket all the way to the bottom. A suit jacket should always either have two or three buttons done up, never completely done up. It is a cardinal rule for every man, so ensure you stick to it!
  • Copy Cats- Wanting to be considered a stylish gentleman is one thing, simply copying whatever you see your favourite celebrity wear is hardly ever going to end well. Whether he's Kanye West or Daniel Craig, celebrities are known for the brave style choices they make and want nothing more than to stand out of the crowd. Fashion is always about personality so try to stick to your own and consider whether you could really make it work; wearing something Kanye west has worn to a fashion show on casual dress day at work will indeed get you noticed but probably not for the right reasons.
By R Atkinson
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The Fashion No's Of 2014
The Fashion No's Of 2014
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