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Prepare For The Top Sunglasses Trends Of 2014

Shades With Retro Appeal
One of the biggest trends this Summer when it comes to sunglasses will be a look that is a little on the retro side. Tinted glasses that are inspired by the seventies are going to be big and will include shades with a rosy hue or golden tint which will give the wearer a distorted view of their surroundings that has been dubbed by some as 'the Instagram' effect thanks to similarities with the social network's camera filters. This trend is specifically for fashion and is not suitable for driving and other activities. These tinted lenses will be set in vintage style frames and tortoise-shell print is expected to make a big comeback.
Geometric Shapes
Another trend that is being forecasted in the sunglasses sector is a geometric look. This one is all about angles and neutral colors. From triangles to hexagons, you can expect to see some frames that are certainly out of the ordinary. Traditionally, we see sunglasses with circular, oval or rectangle shapes, but in 2014 it is all about creating some interesting angular shapes. The statement is made entirely by the shape, so colors will remain very basic with plenty of black and white on display.
Taking Inspiration From The Ocean
If you are more interested in color, then the 2014 trend that you will want to look out for is the one inspired by the ocean. Colored glass and frames will be on display in a range of aquatic colors including blue, turquoise and teal. The floating lens look will also be used to dramatic effect by incorporating very minimalist frames. Some designers will be using cloudy glass in their frames to give an ocean vibe. This look is fresh and light - perfect for those sunny Spring days.
Garden Chic
Finally, those looking for a more whimsical look for their eyewear will enjoy the garden chic look which will incorporate earthy tones with pinks and greens to echo beautifully landscaped gardens. Floral prints and mirrored lenses will feature heavily and there will even be a scattering of floral and butterfly shaped accents to give a unique look to the sunglasses. Sparkles and crystals are also likely to play a big part in this look.
By Nelly Bee
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Prepare For The Top Sunglasses Trends Of 2014
Prepare For The Top Sunglasses Trends Of 2014
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