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Indian Designers Making an Impact in 2014

We are still at the very beginning of the year and if you haven't already, its time to start collecting those designer labels that will make you the ultimate fashionista for 2014. Whether you are a fan of the chic and contemporary styles or a traditional at heart and enjoy embracing classic designs, we have a list of the trendiest Indian designers making an impact this year, each with their own signature style.
Firstly there is Shruti Sancheti who celebrates ethnic weaves prominent in the different states of India. Sancheti has worked extensively with weaves sourced directly from Madhya Pradesh and Kerala. She has also experimented with shibori, an intricate tie-dye technique from Jaipur. Her designs are known for incorporating timeless Indian sensibilities through focusing on Indian craftsmanship and textiles. The Indian designer's clothing has an exquisite finish and immaculate detailing.
Rita Kumar is a fantastic example of an Indian designer that embraces vintage embroideries. She is known for quality of fabrics, intricate embroideries and a distinct use of colours. She helped to bring back Zardozi embroidery, a traditional Mughal craft, placing it comfortably in mainstream fashion. Rita Kumar's designs reveal an intricate workmanship.
If you are into vibrant colours and dazzling prints, Masaba Gupta is the designer for you. Her clothes feature quirky prints of lipstick to fans and machinery to phone booths. They are edgy but also affordable. She creates silhouettes that are simple and elegant.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a great example of an Indian designer that engages with old Indian themes. Mukherjee uses various muted colours and materials to create timeless looks and stunning silhouettes. He draws inspiration from the cultural and social surroundings of his town of Kolkata.
We have listed excellent designers of women's fashion, but lets not forget those that are making an impact in 2014 for menswear. First there is Troy Costa who creates excellent designs. Troy Costa's outfits are ideal for the red carpet with his sleek and sharp tuxedos and slim-fitting suits. He brings a modern twist to vintage looks. His designs are inspired by high street fashion, which he surpasses with added sensual elegance.
Lastly if you are looking for a sporty look, Arjun Khanna has the ideal range of waistcoats, three-piece layers and cropped jackets drawing on influences from the 1940s and BMX bikes. He has designed relaxed daywear and added an active and energetic look. Arjun Khanna's collection goes beyond boundaries. Everything about his garments plays a role in the feel of the item from the seams and hems to the lining. He believes that they are all essential for creating an invigorating experience for the wearer.
By Georgia Blandy
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Indian Designers Making an Impact in 2014
Indian Designers Making an Impact in 2014
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