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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Manufactured by Samsung Electronics, Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone characterized by its Air Gesture, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, 13-megapixel camera and 5-inch 1080p display. Since its release in April 2013, the phone has been the fastest selling smartphone in the history of Samsung Electronics, with approximately 10 million units sold in just a matter of one month. Considering its healthy status in the market, Samsung Galaxy S4 is now well on its way to eclipsing its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S III, as the best-selling Android phone of all time. Seen as a worthy alternative to other high-end smartphones such as the iPhone5 and HTC One, Samsung S4 has a 5-inich display and high-end internals that are worth buying a protective case. Here is a list of ten Samsung Galaxy S4 protective cases sold in the market today:
10. Cygnett Lavish Executive Black Leather Case
cy0806lavish blackgalaxysiii 1 Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://d1dxfanwa0taz5.cloudfront.net/
Cygnett Lavish Executive Black Leather Case offers a classy executive look to your Samsung S4. This Samsung S4 case is made of genuine black leather, this flip-open Galaxy S4 case has a Cygnett logo and a stylish, brown diamond pattern embedded on its microfiber lining. The clever design of this protective case allows it to be foldable, so it can act as a stand for the S4 phone when in landscape view. It also allows for easy removal of your phone from the case should you want to do so. This protector also comes with a free screen protector.
9. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case
case2 zps1fd89dbd Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://s79.photobucket.com/
Spigen Neo Hybrid Case offers a rubber feel and a comfortable grip because of its unparalleled shock absorbing properties. Going around the outside of this protective Samsung galaxy s4 case is a polycarbonate bumper frame which comes in a broad range of contrasting colors. It also boasts of its svelte, angular finish that makes it stand out, as well as its cut-outs that make the ports and camera button of your Samsung S4 very accessible. Spigen Neo Hybrid also includes a power button and a volume rocker.
8. Ballistic Aspira Series Case
ballistic aspira series galaxy s4 case 3 Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: www.mobilefun.co.uk
Mixing toughness with sleek good looks, Ballistic Aspira Series Case features extra padding and support at its corners, providing extra protection to the parts of the phone where most impacts occur. Aside from its dual-layer protection that has rubber shock absorption inside, it also boasts of its hard plastic shell that comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Its light yet multi-layer composition allows for good shock protection and its organic shape makes it easy to hold. ThisSamsung S4 case also covers the volume buttons with its own dedicated raised snaps, allowing for easy photo-snapping.
7. Body Glove Toughsuit
Body%20Glove%20Samsung%20Galaxy%20S%20III%20ToughSuit%20Case%20White%20Grey BG 9309901 2 Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://www.itsrainingskin.com/
Especially built to meet MIL-STD 810G military drop test specifications, Body Glove Toughsuit involves four layers to ensure the safety and security of your device, including a screen protector that prevents your Samsung S4 from shattering, cracking or scuffing when it tumbles out of your hands. This protective Samsung galaxy s4 case also comes with a rubber outer wrap that helps provide a non-slip grip as well as a holster that comes in subtle black or bright pink colors.
6. OtterBox Defender Series Case
otterbox defender series galaxy s4 case 1 Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: www.amazon.com
OtterBox Defender Series Case is a top of the line Samsung Galaxy S4 case that offers multiple layers of protection, including a screen guard that guards against scratches and smudging, a polycarbonate hard shell, port covers that prevent dust and debris from accumulating, and silicone shock absorption. It also features a belt clip holster and kickstand. The screen protector of this case works in reducing the sensitivity of the touch screen. Also, its design allows all the functions of the phone to work at all times. You’ll get to enjoy its price drop while loving its excellent protection which OtterBox is known for.
5. Innovez Life Series Case
Eco Friendly Interchangeable Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/
A classic combination of hard outer shell and cushioned interior, Innovex Life Series is an eco friendly interchangeable case made from high-impact outer shell that breaks down into a microbial environment. What makes it eco-friendly is the additive in its plastic called Eco Pure, which allows it to absorb moisture. This ingredient also helps accelerate the breakage of the polymer chain. This protective case comes in a range of two-tone color designs and includes a raised bezel that works in protecting the screen. This is one of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 cases that are part of the top choices of Samsung Galaxy S4 users.
4. Belkin Grip Sheer Matte Case
372 Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://www.belkin.com/us
Made of a semi-flexible plastic that provides shock-absorbent, form-fitting protection to your Samsung Galaxy S4, Belkin Grip Sheer Matte Case is a nice, simple, flexible, and tactile protective case that is easy to fit and keeps a low profile. Its semi flexible plastic material makes it easy to grip and its wraparound frame helps protect the screen from scratches or smudges. This protective case is smooth to touch and provides extra grip, making it less likely for you to drop your S4. It comes in black and white colors and has a small Belkin logo and it cutouts make the ports and camera button of your S4 very accessible. This is one of the Samsung S4 cases that are being sold at a fairly competitive and reasonable price.
3. Seidio Active with Metal Kickstand
14237 Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://cdn.androidcentral.com/
Seidio Active with Metal Kickstand is a slim and tough Samsung S4 protective case that offers a great combination of hard plastic exoskeleton and lightweight silicone interior. The metal kickstand that it includes is very practical for propping the phone on your nightstand. All the ports and functions of your S4 remain accessible even when this case is on because of its cutouts. ThisSamsung Galaxy S4 case also provides great shock and impact absorption. It is affordable, and its thinness is one of the remarkable features that attract buyer             s since it doesn’t add much thickness on the phone.
2. Case Mate Glam
Ca 11725409. case mate glam case cover for samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 cm026860 rose gold Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://shopping.rediff.com/shopping/index.html
Case Mate Glam is inspired by fine jewelry and shimmers and comes in a broad range of alternative colors, including midnight black, turquoise gemstone, champagne and bronze. The dynamic sparkle of this Samsung S4 case is created through unique finishing process, making possible a glossy and vibrant surface. The glitter coated inlay of cast Mate Glam is also smooth to touch and its interlocking design makes it very easy to fit. This is one of the favorite Samsung Galaxy S4 cases of women because of its very feminine look and designs.
1. Incipio Watson Wallet Folio Case 
incipio watson wallet galaxy s4 flip case Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Photo Source: http://www.caseon.com.au/
Incipio Watson Wallet Folio Case is a folio-style wallet cover made of eco-friendly faux leather. This protective case has a hard layer that is perfect for S4 to sit in, as well as a micro-suede lining that frees your device from scratches. When this wallet case is opened, it reveals three slots for cash and cards and an elastic strap that keeps the folio secured. This Samsung Galaxy S4 case also comes in a variety of colors. Its regular price is over $40, but if you purchase it directly from several and known online shopping portals such as Amazon.com, you could take advantage of their discounts.
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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
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