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Imran Khan Video Message from SKC Hospital

Lahore (7th May 2013): Imran Khan has talked to media and recorded message for the whole nation. He is still in hospital and was seen tireless and fully confident about the election day. He has got check up by team of doctors of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and is still there tonight.

He said that he struggled for 17 years for Pakistan and did what he could do for this nation. Now it is up to the people of Pakistan to work for this nation. The nation can’t bear the next five years as the last five years passed.
He further added that people must struggle for themselves, for the future of the children to come out from homes on 11th may and make this Pakistan a welfare state having justice and self esteem for everyone. Remember, 11th may is the day of final point for Pakistanis.
imran khan injured
Imran Khan requested everyone to vote for PTI on 11th May and said that please vote for the ideology and party, not to the candidate or personality of an area. Please come out of races and caste system.
Imran Khan Video Message
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Imran Khan Video Message from SKC Hospital
Imran Khan Video Message from SKC Hospital
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