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National Assembly NA-257 Karachi Candidates, Results, Map

Latest News of National Assembly NA-257 Karachi. In election 2013, almost all parties PTI, PPP, PML-N, JUI and MQM are trying to win NA-257 seat and all other seats of National Assembly of Karachi. National assembly has 19 seats from Karachi and all National assembly seats numbers are given as NA-239 Karachi-I, NA-240 Karachi-II, NA-241 Karachi-III, NA-242 Karachi-IV, NA-243 Karachi-V, NA-244 Karachi-VI, NA-245 Karachi-VII, NA-246 Karachi-VIII, NA-247 Karachi-IX, NA-248 Karachi-X, NA-249 Karachi-XI, NA-250 Karachi-XII, NA-251 Karachi-XIII, NA-252 Karachi-XIV, NA-253 Karachi-XV, NA-254 Karachi-XVI, NA-255 Karachi-XVII, NA-256 Karachi-XVIII, NA-257 Karachi-XIX and NA-258 Karachi-XX.
Candidates of NA 252 Karachi Contesting Elections 2013
Sindh Assembly Seats/Constituencies
PS-121 Karachi-XXXIII
PS-127     Karachi-XXXIX
Maps of NA-257 Karachi , PS-121, PS-127
NA-257 Karachi
NA-257 Karachi-XIX Result Elections 2008
Riaz Hussain Lund Balouch                   PPP       46084
Sajid Ahmed                                 MQM              134498
Faheem Advocate                             PML-N          4294
PS-121 Karachi-XXXIII Result Elections 2008
Hashmat Ullah Farooqi                   PML-N           2876
Zahid Muhammad                          PPP          4963
Waseem Ahmed                            MQM               73680
PS-127 Karachi-XXXIX Result Elections 2008
Muhammad Rafiq Baloch                   PPP          46469
Nisar Ahmed Panhwar                     MQM                  65434
About National Assembly:
Legislative body of Pakistan is National Assembly of Pakistan. It practices the will of the people of Pakistan to let them be governed under the democratic, multi-party Federal Parliamentary System. The National Assembly is the law maker institution for the Federation according to the powers enumerated for the Federal Legislative list. Through the debating, and according to the constitution, The National Assembly of Pakistan is responsible for the working of Governments and have the check over that the Governments are working in the parameters. Only the National Assembly has the right to stimulate and having accountability and fair use of Pakistan’s Economic Resources and earnings of all the institutions.
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National Assembly NA-257 Karachi Candidates, Results, Map
National Assembly NA-257 Karachi Candidates, Results, Map
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